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Tamas (Hinduism) - One of the three qualities making up phenomena, being inertia or ignorance.
Tapas (Hinduism) - Where having self control delivers spiritual strength.
Ta'wil (Islam) - The esoteric and spiritual interpretation of both the Qur'an and creation. Literally 'to take something back to its origin'.
Tafsir (Islam) - The hermeneutic and esoteric interpretation and commentary of the Quran.
Tajalli (Islam) - The Truth of the names and qualities of God is reflected in the world but does not enter into the world or be affected by it. The analogy is a mirror or shiny surface because light does not enter the mirror.
Takht (Sikhism) - There are five gurdwaras which are designated as takhts, so it is a seat of Sikh authority.
Tallith (Judaism) - Worn over the shoulders by Jewish men in private devotion and during synagogue worship and often called a prayer shawl.
Talmud (Judaism) - The Talmud is the major work of rabbinic Judaism, having the roots of all subsequent halakha rulings as well as much aggadic material. The Jerusalem Talmud was edited in Israel approaching the 400s and then came the Babylonian Talmud up to the end of the 400s. The Babylonian Talmud is more significant as it contains the Mishnah as well as the Gemara recording the discussions on the Mishnah in rabbinic academies of Babylon.
Tankhaiya (Sikhism) - A person who has committed a religious offence meriting punishment.
Targum (Judaism) - Translation of the Bible into Aramaic where the most important is Targum Onkelos (100s CE) which has significant interpretations, as well as the literal translation, of the original Hebrew.
Tariqah (plural: turuq) (Islam) - The spiritual path leading to God. The Sufi way is called the tariqah, being the path to God. Literally 'the path' or 'the way'.
Tasawwuf (Islam) - The inner or esoteric dimension of Islam leading to Sufism, with origins in the 700s.
Tawhid (Islam) - Divine Unity and that sense of integration that realises Unity.
Temple (Sikhism, Hinduism, Judaism) - A place of worship. The Jewish temple in Jerusalem was destroyed in 70 CE. Hindu temples are sometimes called mandirs. A Sikh temple is a gurdwara.
Tenakh/ Tanakh (Judaism) - The Jewish Bible.
Theravada/ Hinayana (Buddhism) - The way of the elders. Found mainly in Sri Lanka and Thailand and is the earlier more individualist Buddhism.
Three Jewels/ Three Refuges (Buddhism) - The Buddha, Dharma (path) and Sangha (Community) to which the Buddhist commits.
Throne of Glory (Judaism) - The essence of the higher world of creation (especially in Kabbalistic thought) from where the divine influence is directed into the lower worlds.
Torah (Judaism) - More than simply the first five books of the Bible revealed to Moses, or Written Torah, because of the elucidation, the Oral Torah. It is authoritative. Literally means 'teaching' or 'instruction'.
Trinity (Christianity) - The Christian doctrine that there is one God in three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. These persons have their functions but God is one.
Tripitaka (Buddhism) - The threefold division of the Theravada Buddhist scriptures into Sutra, Vinaya and Abhidharma, which are called the three baskets (Pali: Tipitaka).
Tyaga (Hinduism) - Renunciation.

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