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Om/ Aum (Hinduism) - Holy Word for God (Brahman) repeated in meditation as taught in the Upanishads. Also a sound representing God in Hinduism spoken by Lord Brahma (Creator god). Om of the same root is probably the Latin version of A U M, the letters that originate the alphabet and language. It is the most appropriate name for God and should be said regularly (according to the Bhagavad Gita). It is used in Buddhist mantras as a sound which draws together all meanings.
Onkar(Sikhism) - God as the Primal Being. Onkar is also a compositon of Guru Nanak on page 929 of the Guru Granth Sahib.
Orthodox (Judaism, Christianity) - Someone who accepts a given belief statement or creed, or a Jew who lives by the teachings of the Torah and Talmud, or the Christian Orthodox Church which split from the Western European (Roman Catholic) Church in 1054 CE, the origins of which lay in the establishment of the eastern Roman Empire especially under Julian in Constantinople which survived after Rome fell, and which became its own religious centre. Orthodoxy is contrasted with orthopraxy.
Orthopraxy (Buddhism) - This is where proper practice (praxis) is carried out to achieve an end result. Buddhism is particularly orthopraxic because it is by doing the meditation that the claims are realised. An argument runs that orthodoxy is also orthopraxic too in order to be realised, but there is a different theory of knowledge involved. Orthopraxy is bound to be less dogmatic because it is disproven in individual cases, and this is why Buddhism is essentially individualistic.

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